ICEF Podcast

Special episode: Talk of the town - live from ICEF Berlin

Episode Summary

In this special episode, recorded live at ICEF Berlin, ICEF Monitor's Editor in Chief Craig Riggs and ICEF CBDO Martijn van de Veen are joined by event delegates Nicole Cavanaugh from Blyth Academy Shamim Ghani from SAMS Global, to reflect on some of the main themes of discussion at the event. Together they discussed the impact of digital transformation, the importance of quality standards in student recruitment, and the over-arching theme of both ICEF Digital and ICEF Berlin: "enhancing the student journey". Enjoy this special episode "Talk of the town - live from ICEF Berlin" and allow yourself a brief 'audio-visit' of the epicentre of international education: ICEF Berlin!

Episode Notes

Guest speakers:
Nicole Cavanaugh
Shamim Ghani
Craig Riggs
Host: Martijn van de Veen