ICEF Podcast

November 2021: What if the new normal isn't the normal we knew?

Episode Summary

Join Martijn van de Veen, VP of Business Development at ICEF, Craig Riggs, Editor of ICEF Monitor and Stephanie Adamson, Assistant Dean of International Admissions and Enrolment at the University of Arizona as they discuss international students and online programmes in 'the new normal.'

Episode Notes

News, trends and developments 

With Craig Riggs, editor of ICEF Monitor

- Australia reopens its borders international students

- US: International enrolments are rebounding 

Main topic

“International students and online programmes in the new normal”

With Stephanie Adamson, the University of Arizona

The pandemic has made all of us near-experts in online learning, but what is the future of online programmes now that borders have reopened to international students? According to the University of Arizona, the future is online and the institution continues to offer a portfolio of online and blended programmes in what is truly a new normal. In this episode, Stephanie Adamson, Assistant Dean at the University of Arizona talks about their ‘post pandemic’ online solutions and how these help the institution reach and enrol a larger and more diverse group of International students worldwide.

Question from the industry

With Diogo Rodrigues, Yes Intercambio

“What is the difference between Transnational Education and cross-border online learning?”