ICEF Podcast

Nov '22 • Digital Transformation in International Education

Episode Summary

News and Developments: •The new playbook for international recruitment • Foreign enrolment in US rebounded in 2021/22 and is approaching pre-pandemic levels Main Topic: • Digital Transformation in International Education Keys to the Market: • Sri Lanka

Episode Notes

Main topic in this episode:
Digital Transformation in International Education
Recorded Live at ICEF Berlin Digital Day
Digital transformation is happening across all industries and sectors, including international education. It is often described as ”the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements”.

So what does this mean for international education, and specifically for student recruitment? Which digital services, tools and platforms are available for our sector? Which processes can be streamlined, and how do they help improve the customer journey - the student journey -  through the recruitment funnel?

In this episode we  discuss this digital transformation in international student recruitment, the advantages that come with it, the solutions and technologies that are used and how it affects all stakeholders involved,  with a panel of industry experts:

Alsdorf, Claudia
Head of Microsoft Education Germany

Price, Chris
Senior VP -Partnerships

Miguel Membrado
Chief Digital Officer
ETS Global B.V.

Martijn van de Veen (Host)
VP, Business Development