ICEF Podcast

Special Episode: Scholarships: the missing piece of your international student recruitment strategy?

Episode Summary

Each year, scholarship providers, whether governments, ministries, foundations, institutions or private companies, provide funding for hundreds of thousands of students. Scholarships exist for all areas of education: pathway/vocational programmes, life-long learning opportunities, internships, professional training programmes, language studies, and of course university programmes. Funding can be partial or in full, often including accommodation, insurance and travel coverage. For many schools, institutions or other providers of educational and experiential learning programmes, scholarship partnerships represent an important part of their student recruitment strategies. In this bonus podcast episode, we will take a closer look at such scholarship partnerships, for example: -Where to find, and how to engage with, potential scholarship partners -What types of scholarships exist and what is typically covered -Scholarship constructs: fully covered, full programme versus partially covered in combination with student credit -Examples of scholarship eligibility criteria and requirements for prospective students -How to build a long-lasting scholarship partnership -The role and responsibilities of scholarship providers towards the students who receive a scholarship, versus the role and responsibilities of agencies and institutions that are involved -Characteristics of the different types of scholarship funding organisations (government, public, private, or institutional scholarships, or a combination)