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How ChatGPT affects the future of international education

Episode Summary

"ChatGPT”, has been dominating the headlines since its launch a little over 2 months ago. The AI powered chatbot is able to generate accurate, comprehensive answers to all types of queries big and small and the question now is, how will this new digital tool influence the international education sector? How will it affect recruitment and communication processes, marketing strategies, entry exams or even help create new tools and solutions for international students? We have asked the AI powered chatbot itself to answer these questions, and in this episode we discuss these questions and answers with a high-level panel of industry and technology specialists.

Episode Notes

ICEF Podcast Feb episode now available! Main topic: How ChatGPT affects the future of international education. 
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Episode also covers:
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"Canada's foreign enrolment grew by more than 30% in 2022"

"Many international students may not be aware of STEM programmes they could apply to"

🔘 Keys to the Market: 🇰🇿Kazakhstan 

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