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Quality assurance in student recruitment from India

Episode Summary

Various study destination countries are seeing significant increases in international student enrolments, with Canada, as an example, seeing 30% year-over-year growth in 2022, and a record enrolment of more than 800,000 foreign students. Inevitably, challenges have accompanied such rapid growth. with increasing media reports detailing questionable recruitment practices and poor-quality services for students. India for example, has been an important part of the Canadian story, with Indian students now accounting for nearly four out of ten foreign enrolments in Canada. But how best to ensure that students are receiving professional services from agents at home and an excellent study experience once at their study destination? This podcast’s main topic features a special panel discussion, recorded at ICEF Vancouver, with leading practitioners exploring the best practices for recruitment within the context of surging student numbers.

Episode Notes


Keith Monrose 
Executive Director
Seneca College

Sandeep Singh
Marketing Director
Brampton Immigration Consultancy

Rahul Paitka
Managing Director
Charms Education & Immigration Services

Kayla Briel
Associate Director, Business & Innovation 
Global University Systems

Craig Riggs
Editor in Chief
ICEF Monitor

Martijn van de Veen (Moderator)
Chief Business Development Officer