ICEF Podcast

May 2021: Gradual return to student travel

Episode Summary

Join Martijn van de Veen, VP of Business Development at ICEF, Craig Riggs, Editor of ICEF Monitor, Caitlin Phillips Rivera, Director, Partner Operations at Shorelight, and Tim Lorimer, Director of Global Distribution Sales at Etihad Airways as they take a closer look at the gradual return to global student travel.

Episode Notes

Border reopenings, vaccination strategies, welcoming government policies; all are starting to emerge in recent weeks. In this episode, the first in ICEF Exchange’s 2nd series, ICEF’s industry specialists Craig Riggs (Editor of ICEF Monitor) and Martijn van de Veen (ICEF’s VP of Business Development) discuss the recent news and developments that allow for some cautious optimism for the global student mobility sector.

Valuable insights are provided by our main guest Caitlin Phillips Rivera, Director, Partner Operations at Shorelight, explaining how they are enabling their international students to access a COVID-19 vaccine.

This episode is sponsored by Etihad Airways. Tim Lorimer, Etihad’s Director of Global Distribution Sales, explains how Etihad specifically focuses on the student demographic and provides details about their current student offer.

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